‘Doctors Should Wash Their Hands’ Used To Be Controversial

Back in 19 th-century Vienna, health bureaucrat Ignaz Semmelweis came up with the insanely revolutionary, outside-the-box suggestion that physicians should start washing their hands if they managed corpses before they assisted in births. Learn, virtually 20 percentage of births assisted by male doctors at the time ended with the child, the mother, or both dying. In the face of such odds, you’d imagine “Wash your hands for half a minute. Worst-case scenario, you get clean hands” would be a fairly inoffensive suggestion.

Think again.

Jeno Doby They refused to listen to this mustache. That’s how stubborn they were.

The scientific community in Vienna was appalled that Semmelweis would even suggest that their hands were ever anything but perfect, and opposed back with some pretty insane contentions. For example, Charles Meigs countered Semmelweis’ modest proposal with the logic that since a gentleman’s hands were always clean, a medical doctor( who is also, by his very nature, a “gentleman”) didn’t need to rinses them. Check and mate, buddy.

Semmelweis was removed from his position, and Viennese physicians continued killin’ folks with filthy thumbs for 21 more years( during which time 14,518 women and children died from puerperal fever alone ), until Louis Pasteur was finally able to convince them germs both existed and did not respect Gentleman Status.

Thereafter, Semmelweis was hailed as a hero and a genius. No waiting, he was committed to a mental institution and died of sepsis/ syphilis/ sentry beatings( accounts differ ).

Wash your hands. Here’s some soap .

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