He Put A Bunch Of Furbies Over A Keyboard And Created The Stuff Of Nightmares

If you grew up in the ‘9 0s or early ‘0 0s, “youre supposed to” remember the Furby.

These popular toys delighted children and drove mothers insane. You virtually had to care for them like regular pets, so they would aftermath people up with their random noises and lights blinking. They could learn to facsimile some speech, so there were even disputes about Furbies reciting foul language.

Now, they’re just sort of novelties. They’re a funny thing that we look back on as a fad, though some are still sold today. One guy online did something to remind us of just how frightening these things can be.

YouTube user LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER has been daydream up a use for all of the discarded Furbies for years.

He went to thrift storages and shopped on eBay until he had enough to attain his machine — a Furby organ! Yikes.

Check it out in action, complete with your latest nightmare. You’re welcome.


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