The Internet Had a Field Day With Obamas Official Portrait

Last week, former US President Barack Obama unveiled his official portrait for the National Portrait Gallery’s’ America’s Chairwoman‘ collecting.

Beginning with President George H. W. Bush, the National Portrait Gallery initiated a process by which the museum would committee a portrait of each chairwoman, and beginning with First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, the following procedure expanded to include a commissioned portrait of the first spouse. All are privately funded and are owned by the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.

For his official portrait, the 44 th President of the United States selected artist Kehinde Wiley whose paint of the President measures just over 7 feet tall.

As per the Washington Post:

Wiley has included flowers in the background( another nod to historical portraiture) to reference elements of the presidenta

s personal history, including jasmine for Hawaii, African blue lilies for his fathera

s Kenyan heritage, and chrysanthemums, which are the official flower of Chicago…

A swelling vein on the left side of the presidenta

s face, and the severity of his gaze, recommend the a


t suffer fools gladlya

impatience that occasionally flashed from him.[ source]

Unsurprisingly, reaction to the painting online has been mixed. Equally unsurprising, are the comedic responses to the painting. If one thing’s for certain, the Internet is always ready with the rejoinders, Photoshops and memes in response to anything newsworthy. And with that, here are some of the funniest responses making rounds online.

Read more: http :// 2018/02/ obama-national-portrait-memes-best-of /

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