Sorry Liberals, But Gun Control Wont Stop Jackie Chan If He Wants To Take Out 30 People With A Single Mop

Idiot liberals like to vilify handguns, treat them as the sole make of mass violence in this country. The obvious truth is that there are far deadlier techniques a determined attacker can use during a rampage, and it’s about hour the moronic gun-control knights educated themselves: Banning the AR-1 5 won’t stop Jackie Chan if he ever wants to take out 30 people with a mop.

Leftists are deluding themselves if they believe Jackie Chan needs a gun when any mop he grabs is a dangerous weapon capable of taking down dozens of attackers.

Dumbocrats can put on a big indicate banning lump inventories and high-capacity publications, but none of that they are able to do any good against Jackie Chan and a unclean mop he found propped up against a wall. Without any background check or three-day waiting period, Chan is free to twiddle the mop above his head like a quarterstaff, painfully bonking everyone around him on the psyche. In so many routes, a mop in Jackie Chan’s hands is even more dangerous than an AR-1 5, because he can use it to scrub someone’s face and fill their mouth up with bubbles, leaving them incapacitated as they try to get rid of all those toxic suds.

The whining from the left to ban assault weapons only distracts from the real problem, which is Jackie Chan use a mop manage to pick up a bucket and lash it on someone’s psyche, making him to clang into another guy, knocking them both out.

Even if you confiscate every gun in America, you won’t be able to confiscate the mop from Jackie Chan, because if you try to grab it, he’ll toss it at you, forcing you to catch it, and then he’ll swiftly tie your hands together with the strands of the mop brain, and wedge the other terminate of the mop into the belt buckle of another person so the two of you are connected at mop duration and holding the mop off the flooring at waist elevation. No sum of anti-gun legislation can stop Chan from sliding below and leaping over the suspended mop to block onslaughts with the mop’s wooden pole , nor prevented from hop-skip onto the mop and balancing on it with one foot while he roundhouse-kicks all six people rushing in to help you. All the while, you and the other ensnared person are spinning around in circles struggling to free yourselves from the mop Jackie Chan trapped you in, farther demonstrating the uselessness of gun control.

The squeaking from the left to ban assault weapons simply confuses from the real trouble, which is Jackie Chan applying a mop manage to pick up a pail and lash it on someone’s brain, inducing him to clang into another guy, knocking them both out. We need to be using our energies to figure out how to confuse Jackie Chan, like bumping a terra-cotta warrior near him, committing people time to flee while the statue teeters and Chan madly struggles to prop it upright. So why can’t liberals admit that?

Let’s leave the Second Amendment alone, because Jackie Chan’s violence isn’t caused by handguns but by his quick wits and desire to get out of difficulty. It’s time that we dispel the leftist myth that guns are bad, and all agree that Jackie Chan plus a mop is an unbeatable combination that presents a real menace that can devastate their home communities at any time.

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