6 Actors Who Used Real Pain And Grossness To Make Movies

Acting is easy. All you have to do is stand under hot lightings for hours while wearing ludicrous clothes and pretending to look at dragons. Occasionally, Samuel L. Jackson screams at you. That’s all there is to it. Or, if you want to be truly lazy about it, you are able do whatever your character is supposed to be doing in a scene, even if it induces you a not-inconsiderable amount of sorenes and/ or pain. Like how …


Robert Pattinson Had A Real Orgasm On Camera For A Dali Biopic

For an entire generation of teenage girls( minus those on Team Jacob ), the Twilight saga was a sexy, sexy dreaming — shiny Pattinson nakedness, slow-mo Pattinson strip teasings, and some heartfelt Pattinson necrophilia. It stopped just short of delivering a full Pattinson money shot.

Not to worry, though. It turns out that in one of Pattinson’s earlier tries, the Salvador Dali biopic Little Ashes , you get to see precisely that. In one, uh, climactic scene, Dali watches his gay friend have sex with a woman and decides to do some manual act of his own.

Kaleidoscope Entertainment Whatever keeps your mustache up.

But as Pattinson confessed in an interview with the imaginatively named German magazine Interview , faking this kind of thing “doesn’t work.” Otherwise, people would have been faking orgasms during sex for centuries, and where would society be? Instead, Pattinson says he really “pleasured himself in front of the camera.” Here’s an extremely low-resolution version of the moment in question, set to appropriate music 😛 TAGEND

It wasn’t a fun experience for Robz-P( as his fans call him ). The nudity attained him feel so awkward that he deemed depriving the world of his acting talents eternally. We’ll leave you to watch the above clip and be determined whether he wouldn’t have been better off trying to mentally play a difficult guitar solo instead. That’s how we fake it.


The Cast Of Alien Constantly Passed Out From Being Stayed In Sealed Spacesuits With No Air

Ridley Scott’s Alien was stimulated in 1979 for a budget of $11 million, and it’s still one of the greatest-looking sci-fi movies ever. How did Scott achieve that? Through hard work, imagination, and nearly asphyxiating his cast.

You know those cool spacesuits the specific characteristics wear while exploring the foreigner planet? They were spectacularly unsafe. There was no way to get air in or out, so the latter are basically fashionable portable coffins.

20 th Century Fox “Kraft service chili for lunch was a baaaaad idea.”

Once you wearied the little bit of air within the suit, well, that was that. The carbon dioxide you had exhaled would start poisoning you. That intended the actors were “passing out like flies” on the determine, although it’s unclear whether that was purely due to the carbon dioxide or their own overpowering body odor. See, the suits were also lined with nylon( which constructs you sweat like crazy ), and they were filming in the middle of a heat wave. John Hurt had it the worst. He would sweat heavily and his visor would get so clouded up that he couldn’t assure. The nurse they kept on standby had to hook him up to an oxygen tank at the end of one long, exhausting shooting. Being the first to succumb in the movie was probably kind of a relief.


Schwarzenegger Actually Bit Into A Dead Vulture For Conan

In 1982 ‘s Conan The Barbarian , there’s a scene wherein Conan is chained to a tree while vultures circle around in anticipation of a fresh corpse. This was filmed Hitchcock style — that is, with real, lice-infested birds. There’s a shot in which a vulture gets a little ahead of itself and pecks at Conan’s weaves, so Conan responds in kind and bites it to death.

Universal Pictures “GET TO THE CHOMPERS! “

Problem was, they couldn’t make a vulture prop that would look convincing in a close-up. The solution? Get a dead vulture, mock God and nature by turning it into a marionette, and have Arnold bite into it for real. Which is … not something physicians advise you to do. After every shot, medics had to rush in and give him medicine to gargle right away, and he had to cleanse his skin with an antibiotic later on. So if you come across any vulture corpses, please fight your every natural instinct and refrain from chowing down.


Mark Wahlberg Was Shocked With Electricity For An Interrogation Scene In Three Kings

Three Kings is a ‘9 0s Gulf War movie about three U.S. soldiers who decide to steal some amber bullion, leading to hijinks galore. It was a troublesome kill, even by the( insane) standards of David O. Russell movies. In one of the more memorable scenes, a soldier played by Mark Wahlberg is captured and questioned by an Iraqi interrogator who poses the age-old topic “What’s the problem with Michael Jackson? ” Almost 20 year later, humanity is no closer to knowing.

Then it gets less fun. Wahlberg’s captor armies oil down his throat, then shocks him with high-voltage electricity. Wahlberg’s agony is so convincing that it attained America eventually accept that switching to acting was a good career move and not the disaster we had hitherto predicted. Thing is, he wasn’t behave. He was re acting. To electricity.

Warner Bros. Pictures If you start to feel pity, recollect Daddy’s Home .

In Wahlberg’s own terms: “We were doing the electrocution and it simply seemed a little bit fake.” So they hooked him up to the “safest thing” they could find( a chiropractic machine) and placed electrodes along his back underneath his garment. Then they switched it on. Wahlberg was shocked in more than one appreciation, as he found out that, holy crap, energy suffers . “We thought we might as well try it … I only didn’t know it would give me that much of a shock.”

Of course, there are multiple reasons to want to see Wahlberg electrocuted, but we never expected it to be his idea.


Cary Elwes Got Knocked The Hell Out Making The Princess Bride

For our younger readers, The Princess Bride is a amazingly great romantic fiction movie starring a guy from Saw , the dame from House Of Cards , and … sorry, there’s no adequate behavior to explain Andre the Giant. In a 2014 interview with Sundance TV, Elwes uncovered that constructing the film wasn’t nearly as fun as the film itself. In the scene where Elwes’ character, Westley, is captured by the bad guys, the villainous Count Rugen knocks him unconscious with the butt of a sword. However, as Elwes explains, they “didn’t have any kind of rubber sword” on placed. So Elwes told Christopher Guest( Rugen) to swing away. “It’ll be fine, ” Elwes assured his colleague. “Just tap me lightly.”

It was not.

20 th Century Fox “You said ‘mightily, ‘ right, Cary? Cary? “

And yes, it all made it into the final movie. That scene is Elwes genuinely being knocked the hell out with a real sword. According to Elwes, he “woke up in research hospitals with stitches being sewn into[ his] forehead.” Could’ve been worse, though. If Andre the Giant had done it, we’d still be looking for Elwes’ beautiful, beautiful head.


The Opening Scene Of Apocalypse Now Is Martin Sheen Having A Real Drunken Breakdown

Apocalypse Now opens with the main character in his lowest instant. Future president Martin Sheen drunkenly stumbles around his hotel chamber in his underpants, punching a reflect and smearing blood all over himself before collapsing into a sobbing heap.

When the scene was shooting, Sheen was 1) having a birthday, and 2) an alcoholic. He’d already been drinking heavily the working day by the time they started filming, and didn’t thinker pretty much self-destructing on camera. “I felt I wanted to wrestle this demon, “ he said.

United Artists

United Artists

United Artists And then he literally wrestled an invisible demon .

Director Francis Ford Coppola says he realized( in a nightmare, what else ?) that the way to get the performance he necessity out of Sheen was to tap into his pride. So he told Sheen to look at himself in the reflect and admire his own handsome features … to which Sheen responded by putting his fist through the glass. Coppola tried to get him to stop, but Sheen turned him away and said, “No, stay away. I crave this for me . ” Apparently, Coppola shrugged and figured that if he couldn’t help his friend, he might as well cinema his breakdown and not waste an afternoon.

Sheen refused to watch the resulting substance. In reality, the first time he watched the footage of himself commemorated as a stumble, incoherent drunk was in a NYC theater with hundreds of strangers. So the next time you have a little too much to drink and wake up to find that you’ve posted a series of regrettable selfies on Facebook, recollect Martin Sheen.

Yeah, again, in Arnold’s defense, vulture puppets are not exactly top priority in the puppetry and/ or taxidermy world, but they do exist .

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