Awesome Artifact: The Muppet Mistress Jim Henson Made For Himself When He And His Wife Were Going Through A Rocky Patch Is On Display At The Smithsonian

If you’re a fan of The Muppets, get ready to geek out, because you’re about to get a chance to catch a glimpse of an indispensable part of Muppets history: The Muppet mistress that Jim Henson stimulated for himself when he and his wife were going through a bit of a bumpy spot just got a display at the Smithsonian!

Yup, it’s officer. This is pretty much the coolest thing ever!

The legendary marionette, which was created in 1981 when Jim and his wife were going through a lengthy period of interpersonal tension during which they became sexually and emotionally distant, was set up in a display entitled “A Lover’s Oasis: Jim Henson And Bonnie The Eagle” earlier this week. Guests is to be able to understand with their own eyes the tower blue-feathered 6-foot-5 Muppet that Jim Henson receded to for sexual companionship when he felt like his marriage was crumbling.

“At first glance, Bonnie may seem to be merely another Muppet with a sexy polka dot ascot and succulent ruby-red lips painted over a felt bird mouth, but this marionette had a profoundly important role in both creative and personal aspects of Jim Henson’s life, ” Smithsonian curator Michelle Turner said of the showing, which museumgoers can view behind a glass enclosure until next August. “Jim Henson created Bonnie The Eagle so he’d have a being to make love to in secret before his wife got home from run, and we’re excited to give fans a window into the period of the Muppet creator’s life when his wedlock was on the rocks.”

Whether you’re a Muppets diehard or just a casual devotee, you won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to see Bonnie The Eagle, because, as the Muppet that the romantically dejected Jim Henson turned to for sex, the character is truly a cornerstone of the Muppets canon. Bonnie was voiced by Frank Oz, who her with a whimsical British accent for both her numerous television appearances in the ’8 0s and during the secret romantic liaisons the character shared with Henson in hotel rooms and secluded areas of the forest whenever the genius puppeteer seemed misunderstood by his wife.

So. Perfect. In addition to the Muppet itself, the showing is also demonstrating the original manuscript of Bonnie’s character description written by Jim Henson: “Bonnie The Eagle is a beautiful female Muppet. Bonnie is Sam The Eagle’s cousin, and Sam is cool with us hanging out all the time. She determines older human humankinds more attractive than marionettes. Her interests include sex, hearing my minds, and being loyal.” Ascertaining these terms written in Henson’s own handwriting is sure to be an awe-inspiring experience for anyone who admired his talent and one-of-a-kind mind.

Incredible. If you have any interest in the history of the Muppets, then this presentation is a must-see. But you better get your tickets quick: This sounds like an exhibition that mobs of Henson followers will be lining up all over the block to find!

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