Guy Gets Fake London Restaurant to the #1 Spot on TripAdvisor and Opens for a Night

The Shed at Dulwich was the number 1 rated restaurant in London, with foodies, celebrities and bloggers trying to get a table. The main obstacle for them, however, was that it didn’t exist. Over such courses of 8 months VICE’s Oobah Butler used an attack of fake evaluations to get his’ restaurant’ to the hallowed top spot on TripAdvisor.

With his phone perpetually ringing, PR organizations imploring to represent it and Tv crews pitching shows, Oobah chose he had no choice but to open its doors for one night only. Here is Oobah’s journey into a false reality that captured the world’s attention.

Read Oobah’s full tale on https :// 2DrLgCC
You can also find an archived version of’ The Shed at Dulwich’ on TripAdvisor here

Read more: http :// videos/ guy-gets-fake-restaurant-to-top-spot-on-tripadvisor /

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