Here’s The ’80s Hairstyle That’s Back In Style In A Big Way (With A New Twist)

Listen up, Millennials.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely gone through your parents’ age-old yearbooks and giggled at their poodle-style perms. Mommies and daddies alike were rocking puffy locks a la Bob Ross for much of the activities of the decade and even into the ‘9 0s and Aquanet had the sales to prove it.

But guess what. I’d put money on plenty of us feeing our terms because the almighty perm is back, people! Yes, you read that right. Those sky-high hairstyles that are so full of texture and volume are coming back in a big route, and if you want to stay ahead of the fashion curve, you should head to your trusty stylist ASAP.

But that doesn’t mean your stylist is going to like it. Becomes out perms take a lot of work with super harsh substances. That’s not usually fun be addressed with. Still, which is able pass up the chance to look this carefree chatting on their landline?

Or this truly unbothered while spying on the neighbors?

This is, as the kids say, A LOOK.

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